Хотя, возможно, это была всего лишь напускная бравада. Назад 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 Далее Она подошла к нему и, шлепнув книгу на его привинченный стол, ткнула ногтем в имя на форзаце: Йен был ему как родной брат. Мисс Скотт хочет отправиться на остров поискать ручей и какие-нибудь фрукты, но боится оставить нас одних. Творения, сработанные руками мастеров, точнее, мастериц являлись свидетельством их упорной борьбы за выживание. Обводит экипаж вокруг пальца — и все с улыбкой. Даже если бы я не был озабочен другой женщиной, между нами ничего не возникло бы.

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My deepest gratitude to my editor, Lauren McKenna, who gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. And thank you, Helena Valentin, for understanding all the work that goes into a novel even before you капиатн to critique it!

Цена наслаждения

Silence blanketed the den as the patrons inside took her measure, sensing she was out of place in the prostitute-laden tavern. Her breath shuddered out. She was here on a mission to find Captain Jason Lassiter, Nicole reminded herself. With an up cast chin and an offhand gaze, she plowed through the throngs of roughnecks peopling the tavern.

The tinny music from a badly tuned fiddle at last resumed. This was certainly not the case. One last sweep over the place, and then she could go back and throttle the deckhand for his prank. At least, part of her hung over him. Breasts like two hemispheres of a globe perched on the tight line of her крели, threatening to free themselves with each of her throaty laughs.

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And Lord help her, Nicole thought as her face screwed up in shrinking expectation, the woman laughed a lot. Nicole marched toward him through креси gauntlet of human sweat, gin-spiked breath, and loose, unlaced bodies.

Jason Lassiter was a fearsome-looking man when angered. His eyes became wild and his face flushed to match his red beard and hair. There was no choice.

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She was running out of time. Nicole wrinkled her nose at the dented and grimy container. He looked in it, frowned, then placed it well away from him. Nicole nodded grudgingly and gave him a small, apologetic smile.


It lasted only seconds before she became serious at the mention of sabotage. Sailing in these times was perilous enough, with captains setting speed records and shipbuilders fearlessly pushing new designs.

Masts rigged to snap and rudders set to be lost in the first heavy storm made it deadly. Giving Nicole a nasty look, she began a provocative whispering in his ear. The earthy scenes had her wide-eyed. She imagined these sights would only add fodder to her late-night dreams, dreams in which a dark, faceless man…did things to her. What would she dream tonight…?

A loud thud shook her from her musings, and her gaze turned to the front door as three men marched in out of the cold.

Книга «Цена наслаждения» — Коул Кресли — Читать онлайн — Скачать fb2, txt — Купить, Отзывы — ЛитМир

They wore expensive and tastefully cut clothes, marking them as gentlemen. Drunken gentlemen, she amended as she got a better look at them. These were jaded high-steppers out for a night of cheap drink and even cheaper debauchery.

Probably because the largest man was ересли six feet and obviously well built in his tailored clothing. No, it was the air of menace, seething and palpable, that reverberated in him. Even when he sat down with his long legs stretched out in front of his chair, his guise relaxed, she sensed a latent tension in him. The others sensed it, too. The parties of seamen, the crimps, the colorful doxies acted like skittish animals when forced to walk past his table.

He was the only one of the three men not noticeably inebriated, and strangely enough, when his eyes flicked over the room, a look like disgust lit his face. Why would he come to a place that offended him? Then, as if her curiosity had drawn his attention, the man turned his intense gaze on her.

After a second, his eyes narrowed. She sucked in a breath and knew: He saw through her disguise! When the look in his eyes changed to show blatant appreciation, all rational thought evaporated like fog baked away under a southern sun.


Her dark imaginings sputtered and lurched to life once more. He looked at her as though she were the only woman in the room, a room thick with willing, half-naked наслажденич.

What if she were one of them, and he called for her? What would it be like to straddle him, to envelop him in pied крели as he absently drank, pinching and petting her bare skin beneath? That feeling from her dreams returned—the unnamed response that felt like fear, surprise, and hunger battling inside her belly. He caused it now. It strengthened as his heated gaze ran over her. Nicole jerked her eyes away, her face heating furiously. But then the name sank into her muddled mind: The idea that he continually crossed this lethal-looking man was cause to make her alternately cheer his bravery and question his sanity.

Bidding his doxy good night, he motioned impatiently for Nicole to follow him. As she followed him наслажденоя the crowd, some urge goaded her to glance back at Sutherland. She gave in to the temptation, only to find his eyes on her. Watch was too tame a насдаждения for what he did—his gaze roamed over her in a proprietary manner that defied her to walk away from him.

Such an intriguing-looking man, despite his deeply lined countenance.

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What a waste, she mused acidly as нмслаждения turned away. Seconds later, long, strong fingers encircled her wrist. She knew it was Sutherland even before she turned and their eyes locked. His flesh was hot on hers—his hand was callused.

From his manner, she got the impression he expected her to do just that. Did he think all he had to do was command her? So why did she find herself fighting каритан very r

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